River Stone, “New Doctor in Town” posted by on April 16, 2015


Dr. River Stone left his job at Rising Sun Memorial Hospital in Rising Sun, Kansas, to become a country doctor in the small town of Sugar Creek, Oklamoma. This was quite a change for him but he loved his work and loved helping folks. His best friend, Willow Cain, from medical college, left Rising Run to go back home to Sugar Creek and marry her boyfriend, Gavin Caldwell. River had fallen in love with Willow, but never told her until she was ready to board the train back to Oklahoma. He was too late. He went to Philadelphia to visit his brother, Harley, and his family. While there, he met Emily Blackwell. Once again, he thought she might be the one, but as luck would have it, she already had a boyfriend. On the train back to Sugar Creek, he met Zelda Snow, who was on her way to Hollywood to become a movie star. She was about the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was dressed to the nines. Little did he know that their paths would cross again one day. While out on the prairie visitng a new mother and her baby, an outlaw, named Boots, kidnapped Dr. Stone. Boots took him at gunpoint to a shack way out on the prairie where his brother, Roy, was holed up with a gunshot wound. He did all he could for Roy. He was praying that the outlaw would not kill him. Would Marshal Will Cain find out about the kidnapping in time to rescue him from the outlaw?



Willow Cain posted by on February 10, 2015


Willow Cain is the daughter of Will and Ellie Andrews Cain, of Sugar Creek Oklahoma. As a teenager, she met and fell in love with Gavin Caldwell, son of Jimmy and Cassadee Hampton Larmer. They had plans to marry until Willow decided to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a nurse. That changed everything. At Healing Hands Medical School, in Rising Sun, Kansas, she met River Stone, who was on his way of becoming a doctor. They became best friends.

On an afternoon walk with her friend, Skylar Cole, their lives quickly changed. Nearing death, both girls wondered if they would ever see their parents again. Held captive, and starving, they realized that this could be the end for them.

Will they survive? Join me in the continuing saga of this ‘Will Cain’ western series.

Ellie posted by on December 15, 2014


Ellie Andrews fell deeply in love with Marshal Will Cain. She waited for him to come back to her. When he finally came to see her, it was too late. She was already engaged to Randolph Paulson. Will was heartbroken.

Ellie’s marriage to Randolph was not what she thought it would be. He was an abusive husband. Her baby girl, Willow, became her life. Together, they weathered the storm of his angry outbursts. He killed any love she had for him. She was a prisoner in her own home. She prayed that someday, she would find relief from his torturing ways. She knew that she could never leave him, because he would hunt her down like an animal. He had threatened to kill her. She prayed daily and trusted God to make a way of escape for her and Willow. God heard her prayers. He does things in His own time.

Cassadee Hampton, daughter of the late Marshal Teddy Hampton, of Sugar Creek, finally has her secret revealed. The town follks are shocked and gossip flows…

Join Sally in the continuing saga of her ‘WILL CAIN WESTERN SERIES’.

Smyth County Writer Publishes Two More Books In Western Series posted by on November 5, 2014


Smyth County writer Sally Campbell Repass has just published the second and third books in her Western series.

‘Will Cain…Marshal of Sugar Creek” and “Two Cains and One Rose are the continuing saga of the Cain and Andrews families. It tells of their adventures after moving west to Oklahoma in the 1880s. The story began with “A Man Called Cain” and continued through these two books.

Repass is planning a fourth book in the series and probably more.

Valerie Blevins Yarber, of Glade Spring and formerly of Marion was the cover model for “Two Cains and One Rose.”

Repass said, “Writing is her passion and she has no plans to quit, as long as God blesses her with good health and a sound mind.”

Before starting the western series, she had penned 11 other books.

She is the mother of six children and has seven grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.

In her childhood years, Repass wrote poems, songs and scary stories.

Learn more at www.fortheloveofrachel.com.

Two Cains And One Rose posted by on October 23, 2014


Beautiful, twenty-three year old, Rose Hatcher, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, accepted the teaching position at the new school in the small town of Sugar Creek, Oklahoma.

Befriended by the town’s marshal, Will Cain, Rose quickly adjusted to life in the west. Her love for teaching became her life. Fifteen-year old, Emily Blackwell, found a special place in Rose’s heart. Emily dreamed of becoming the first woman doctor in Oklahoma. Rose was determined to see that Emily’s dream came true.

Just as Rose and Will became closer friends, she met his brother, Gabe Cain, marshal of Teardrop.
‘Two Cains and One Rose’. Will she be caught up in a love triangle? Which one will she choose?

‘WILL CAIN’… Marshal of Sugar Creek posted by on September 15, 2014

Will Cain

Will Cain left his position of marshal in Teardrop, Oklahoma, to become marshal of Sugar Creek. His deputy, Blake Jenner, went with him. They worked well together. Will thought that a change of scenery would be good for him and hopefully help him forget the woman he had loved and lost. Little did he know that his path would cross with Ellie Andrews again, only to reopen the wound he was trying to heal.

Cassadee Hampton, came home for her pa’s funeral. Teddy Hampton was the fromer marshal of Sugar Creek. He had never mentioned that he had a daughter, so Will was surprised when she showed up for his funeral. She had been hiding a secret for ten years. Will tried to befriend her, only to have his kindness thrown back in his face.

Will had several dangerous encounters with criminals while trying to arrest them. He was lucky that he was still alive. He knew that God’s hand of protection was on him.