Woonsocket Terror: ~ A New Detective ~ (Woonsocket Murders) (Volume 2) posted by on July 28, 2015


Once again, a black cloud hung over the quaint little town of Woonsocket. A double murder had been committed. Everyone was horror-stricken. It had been almost five years since the last murder. The ‘Town with the Beautiful Lake’ was on edge. The women were afraid to leave the house. Sheriff John Newberry was at his wits end. It was too much for him and his deputies, Nick Williams and Clark Jensen. That’s why he decided to call in an old friend of his. Detective Gabe Waters had his own agency over in Pierre. Gabe agreed to come to Woonsocket and work on the case with them. While trying to solve the murder, there was a kidnapping. Thirteen year old Jessica Call was taken from her home one night. The kidnapper demanded a million dollar ransom. The town had a serial killer. Murder after murder was committed. The police officers worked day and night trying to solve the cases. Finally, work is over and love prevails. Gabe and John went from being friends to relatives. They never saw it coming.
Rainn Storm posted by on July 1, 2015


Matthew Storm was tired of city living and decided to buy the Sugar Creek Sentinel and move out west. He said goodbye to New York and moved his wife, Diana, and daughter, Rainn, to Oklahoma. It was a big adjustment but they soon learned to love country living.

Lars McLaren and his wife, Meg, were anxious to sell the newspaper so he could retire. It was getting harder to run the newspaper and the farm. He wanted to enjoy his last years on the farm. Their son, Lance owned the General Mercantile in Saddle River.

Diana and Rainn helped Matthew run the paper. Rainn was his star reporter. She loved digging for stories. Her biggest one was a bank robbery in Sugar Creek.

Some months later, while going home from visiting her friend, Willow Cain, a man stopped her on the trail and forced her to go with him. She had no food. The water he gave her was contaminated and made her very sick. By the time her daddy got the million-dollar ransom together, Rainn was lethargic. Would they find her in time to save her life?

Emily Blackwell posted by on June 4, 2015


Rose Hatcher moved from Philadelphia, to Sugar Creek, Oklahoma, to become their first schoolteacher. She soon adapted to country living and loved it. One of her students, Emily Blackwell, captured her heart. Emily came from a large family with a drunken pa, who abused his wife and children. She had always dreamed of becoming the first woman doctor in Oklahoma. Never in her wildest dreams did she think it would ever happen. Her pa could not afford to educate her nor would he, even if he’d had the money. He thought the woman’s place was in the home, cooking, cleaning, satisfying her husband, and raising a bunch of youngins.

Rose’s parents, Jack and Joy Hatcher, were wealthy. Things changed at the Blackwell house and Emily was finally free. The Hatchers agreed to take her into their home and educate her. They became her new parents. She was ecstatic.

After graduating from medical school, she couldn’t find a job. No one would hire her because she was a woman. Discouraged, she decided to move back home to Sugar Creek. Dr. River Stone made her his partner at the clinic. Love blossomed between the two of them. Even in the small town, Emily had a hard struggle of being accepted as a woman doctor. Triumph and tragedy follow her…

The Lonely Goose posted by on April 23, 2015


The Lonely Goose‘ is based on a single goose we have left on Mr. Bob’s farm where I live. At one time, we had fourteen geese. They weren’t really ours. We called them the Community Geese, since they traveled from place to place. We used to feed them corn.

They would come to the fence and eat. They also loved bread. In fact, they liked bread better than anything we fed them. In the last several years, the number of geese here on the farm has dwindled down. I loved looking out in the field and seeing them eating or walking in a line.

They usually stayed here on the farm during the day, and went to Mr. Ken’s pond, next door, for the night. One by one, they disappeared. I feel sad that there is only one left. I called her ‘The Lonely Goose’. It was that thought that made me realize I needed to write a book.

Of course, most of it is fiction, but there are some real facts too. I am trying to imagine what the geese might talk to each other about. I hope you enjoy reading this book to your young children. This is my second children’s book. I wrote ‘Princess Kari & the Golden Haired Boy’ in 2010.

It was based on my son Travis, his wife Kari, and their two young daughters, Katie and Campbell.

River Stone, “New Doctor in Town” posted by on April 16, 2015


Dr. River Stone left his job at Rising Sun Memorial Hospital in Rising Sun, Kansas, to become a country doctor in the small town of Sugar Creek, Oklamoma. This was quite a change for him but he loved his work and loved helping folks. His best friend, Willow Cain, from medical college, left Rising Run to go back home to Sugar Creek and marry her boyfriend, Gavin Caldwell. River had fallen in love with Willow, but never told her until she was ready to board the train back to Oklahoma. He was too late. He went to Philadelphia to visit his brother, Harley, and his family. While there, he met Emily Blackwell. Once again, he thought she might be the one, but as luck would have it, she already had a boyfriend. On the train back to Sugar Creek, he met Zelda Snow, who was on her way to Hollywood to become a movie star. She was about the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was dressed to the nines. Little did he know that their paths would cross again one day. While out on the prairie visitng a new mother and her baby, an outlaw, named Boots, kidnapped Dr. Stone. Boots took him at gunpoint to a shack way out on the prairie where his brother, Roy, was holed up with a gunshot wound. He did all he could for Roy. He was praying that the outlaw would not kill him. Would Marshal Will Cain find out about the kidnapping in time to rescue him from the outlaw?



Willow Cain posted by on February 10, 2015


Willow Cain is the daughter of Will and Ellie Andrews Cain, of Sugar Creek Oklahoma. As a teenager, she met and fell in love with Gavin Caldwell, son of Jimmy and Cassadee Hampton Larmer. They had plans to marry until Willow decided to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a nurse. That changed everything. At Healing Hands Medical School, in Rising Sun, Kansas, she met River Stone, who was on his way of becoming a doctor. They became best friends.

On an afternoon walk with her friend, Skylar Cole, their lives quickly changed. Nearing death, both girls wondered if they would ever see their parents again. Held captive, and starving, they realized that this could be the end for them.

Will they survive? Join me in the continuing saga of this ‘Will Cain’ western series.